Welcome to ShortReport, as the UK’s FCA update their short notifications, ShortReport will issue a daily report which will disclose new short positions, increasing and decreasing short positions and short positions closed by fund managers.

We will also send out notices via our twitter account @UKShortReport

We operate a more comprehensive system on our sister site BlueShare which is free to join and access to all premium features is free.

Notice! The short reports are produced by a third party who collect and analysis the data from the FCA’s daily short positions report file, the information on this website is provided for information only. We don’t provide any warranty as to the accuracy of the information on this site and it should not be relied upon in any way. The information on this website does not represent the views or opinions of ShortReport on any of the companies displayed. It does not constitute an offer or recommendation to sell or the solicitation of any offer to buy any share/securities/spread bet or other investment.

Please Note: Short positions for some  fund managers can still exist in the FCA short positions data, the company may not be listed and also not being listed in the London Stock Exchange ‘securities’ list. This will show up as ‘no short positions’ listed.